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Introducing Mama's Mud Whipp ™  Bundle Pack. contents: one ( 1 ) 8 oz. Mama's Mud Whipp ™andone ( 1 ) 16 oz. Coconut Hair & Body Mist OR one ( 1 ) 16 oz.  Lemongrass Rose Mist with Amla Oil. OR  1 16 oz. Apricot Hydrating Mist.This Bundle pack comes complete and is great for: Reactivating Mama's Mud Whipp ™ by misting hair to revitalize strands and scalp. May be used on day 2 - 3 hair, in order to lock in moisture and hydrate from root to ends, without the need to rewash and reapply Mama's Mud Whipp ™. Also great for Loc maintenance and to retain Loc moisture.  For Best Results: Mist hair from root to ends. Style as desired.Would you like Coconut Mist, Lemongrass Rose Mist or Apricot Hydrating Mist?

Mama's Mud Whipp tm Bundle Pack

    • Coconut Mist
    • Lemongrass Rose Mist
    • Apricot Mist
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