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size: 1.5 oz. 
CREAM body oil is a very unusual sweet ,yet subtle scent! Women love it so much that  men buy cream oil,just so they can attract them, for example, Two lady cops came into the store one day and purchaced 20 bottles of Cream, I asked " why so many?"  They said while working , a lady came into the police station intoxicated,but before they threw her into her cage, the officer asked her, "Where did you get that scent?", she kindly said, "Mama Sunshine's Treasures" after that a few minutes went by, and all of a sudden all the officers & detectives started joking about sex and sexual positions, then came to the conclusion that it must have been something in the scent that the woman was wearing. The Officers were certian it was her, because not only was everybody talking about sex,but the whole police station SMELLED GOOD & REFRESHING!!!! So that is why the two lady cops purchased 20!! TRUE STORY!!!!!   Yes this oil is also a real aphrodisiac so thats why it cost more than the others,But well worth it!!!!


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